How To

Cake Pops

For the yummy cake pops you can either do everything from scratch (frosting, cake...etc) or you can buy already made cake mixes and frostings. For my cake pops, I always end up using any cake that is left over from my cupcakes and mini cakes and already made frosting. You can get any frosting your little heart desires, they cost $1.50 and it saves you the time from having to do everything from scratch (not that I mind :) but it helps) So how to make cake pops...

-In a bowl mix your cake and frosting till it becomes easy to handle (like a dough)
-From this mixture roll out your cake into small balls and place them in the fridge for 30-40 minutes
-Once they are easy to handle remove from fridge, melt your candy melts*** and insert the sucker sticks into the candy melt and into each cake pop (the candy melts act like a cement between the cake pop and the sucker stick)
-Refrigerate again for 15-20 minutes
-Melt (or I guess re-melt) your candy melts and dip cake pops
-After cake pops are completely covered you can stick them into styrofoam block and allow candy to harden
-Last step... Enjoy your hard labor by trying one!!
Happy cake pop making :)

**DO NOT melt your candy or chocolate directly on the sauce pan on the stove top... it will not melt smoothly and completely change the texture. You have to simmer water on the sauce pan and melt your candy on a heat proof bowl above the simmering water.
If you don't know what candy melts are here is a picture of the bag... I found them in Micheal's and Walmart ;)