Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Missing in Action

I know.. I know.. its been far too long since I last posted something BUT in my defense it was February (Valentines) which kept me extremely busy and on top of that I also had tons to do for school. It also doesn't help that what it would normally take 15 minutes to do it takes 3 hours for me to do because I'm such a rookie!! Well these are a few things I have done so far that I actually took pictures of...

(oreo cakesters)

(I don't know why it looks so wet maybe because I had just gotten it out of the frig)

I also added some more recipes so be sure to check that out! These pie recipes are super easy and they taste like you were doing them the whole day! Hopefully i'll be checking in with you guys this week because I have a birthday cake and easter cupcakes to do! Have fun baking! I know I will! :)


  1. Cute stuff! I like the black and white one with the red roses on top.

  2. These are amazing!! Love them all, that oreo at first glance looks like a mini cake!! too cute. The white/black cake is awesome :)
    Good job, keep it up!