Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just a little reminder...

 If you don't already know.... Spring is here!! According to my Jetta it was 94 degrees today... yes...NINE FOUR! It was rrrreally hot in Miami and the humidity was not helping the situation but although I've done nothing but complain I'm happy to have our beach weather back! :)  The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and it's time for some outdoor fun! Which only reminds me to...restock my allergy medications, start another diet and make pedicure appointment ASAP! 
Anyways back to baking... This week I made easter themed sugar cookies. The recipe I use to make ALL my sugar cookies is the one from bake at 350. I love her recipe because they never come out too chewy or to crunchy and they taste delicious! She uses both vanilla and almond extract which I LOVE and the cookies stay the same size ( I've had sugar cookies that triple in size... instead of a butterfly I get a dragon..really bad..). Check out my cookies below :)

My mom found the cutest baskets to give the cookies in, they came in all colors. All we had to do is add a cute little ribbon, some shredded paper and egg shaped chocolates. They worked out wonderfully! Don't forget to browse through my recipes and send me pictures of the yummy goodies you guys have done! :P


  1. You're awesome, can't wait to try that cookie recipe. Happy Easter.

  2. Welcome back friend!! You were missed!
    I Love your cookies, they are amazing!!! I've only tried sugar cookies once and haven't gone back.
    Can not wait to see more :)
    Have an amazing weekend!

    P.S.- I can't believe its that hot down there :( Pls send some our way!!